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Every second of every day in America, a Woman is beaten. It's is a disgrace on our Society! Women need help to take back their lives! Monetary donations, are the only solution, along with counseling, to keep away the repetition. An abuser never admits it before the relationship or marriage, else the woman might get the chance to "Just Say No!"

Children become abused too, along with the Mothers. Someone has to care, someone has to help, and someone must intervene, lest we all suffer the consequences and judgement of doing nothing. It not only takes a village it takes a Nation to stop abuse.

These women often have to relocate, they often have to leave everything including their identity. No one has the given right from anywhere, to beat or mistreat another human being. Abused women believe the lies they are told, "You are ugly, your fat, your no good, I'll kill you, I'll take your children from you, no one can save you", and the list goes on. Many times, the man was abused himself as a child, and it is learned behavior! We don't have to spend millions on research to figure it out! Abusers set out to find someone they can abuse! The woman becomes his target practice. You can't give love if you never had it! You can't be a good Father without an example!

Recently a comment was made by a man, as to his opinion, about why women can't get help to stop the abuse. He said the poor are too poor to care, and the rich
don't want to be bothered, or more so, have it at there level by acknowledging it exists! In other words, "If we ignore it, it will go away!" Not so, people! Not True!

Abuse comes in many forms, some are these: Financial and Economic, (the witholding of), sexual abuse and rape, verbal abuse, name calling, physical abuse, child molestation and that list goes on...and on.

You can help stop the vicious cycle, it only takes someone to "care" not be "careless." Send your donation today. All donations go to victims for food, shelter, and escape! We
guarantee it!

Don't delay send today!

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