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STOP has formed this website for registration of victims of bullying and the bullies in Springfield, Mo.  Many of these bullying incidents are actually full fledged assualts where victims are injured and end up in the hospital.  For some reason the system treats this violent behavior as "normal" and hesitates to take the side of the victim.  Many school officials treat victims with indifference, lack of caring, and scolding when they report the bullying. False reports are filed, and children victims are further bullied by the district.  This information is generally kept out of the press and many parents and children have suffered alone not realizing it is happening all over the district and has been for years.   
Isn't it time the bullying gets the attention it deserves, isn't it time  these violent individuals are prosecuted for assualts.  Isn't it time they quit terrorising other students, families, and school teachers?  Some states treat these threats and actions as "Terrorist Threat" a Federal offense.  Isn't it time we call it what it is!
All names that come into this site will not be published here.
Any parent wanting to join in an ongoing process for CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT can also sign up on the form below.  Any student who wishes to sign as a victim and tell thier story can do so here.
While we require your name, the school you attend or attend ed we will not publish your name online. IF YOU HAVE DROPPED OUT BECAUSE OF BULLYING WE WANT TO KNOW.  We only publish a brief of your story for all the world to see or you can choose not to have your story published.  You may or may not list the bully, thier name will be protected online.  However we are keeping a registry for the DEPT. OF EDUCATION, AND THE DEPT. OF JUSTICE.  Anti-bullying legislation is due to go before congress in the near future and then the bullies will be prosecuted and forced into counciling for violent behavior.
National  reports show statistically that child bullies become adult bullies in the adult workplace to co-workers, employees and increase spousal and chlld abuse in adulthood. National reports show that  long term victims of bullying  are often the shooters in gun violence and consequent death in schools.
Fill out the form below to tell your story. Parent's and students over the age of 17 can join a Class Action Lawsuit in the making. Just say "call me, class action!"  Give a phone number where you can be reached.  Parents can join STOP and become a local chapter member.  Memberships are open to all Springfield, Missouri residents and surrounding county residence. 
Non residents can join our National Stop organization by signing up below and asking for thier state.  We are looking for state representatives for STOP in your area. These are two year renewable volunteer positions.  We are looking for Court advocates for Victims of Bullying.  SIGN UP BELOW.

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