Changing Car Tire

We consign cars in good condition to sell for minimal amounts to people in need to go back to work, doctors and school.
New and Used Car dealers, Manufacturers,and Individuals can now consign cars in good condition to people in need through our service. We are the middle man between a sell and a no sell. Our service makes minor repairs if necessary before we sell the car for you to a lower income family,single parent, or family in transportation crisis.
You can also donate a vehicle once or twice a year or as many times as you like. These cars help countless families find hope, with transportation to a job, to the doctor and to school. Consign a vehicle today as we do all the work for you.
Transportation crisis victims will be screened for participation in our program. This will be a win, win situation for all concerned! You must have a valid drivers liscense to participate in the Cars from the Heart Crisis Intervention. Contact us below.

Consigned or donated  vehicles must be in legal driveable condition with only minor repairs needed. The vehicles must have clear titles and transferable titles. We accept all models and makes of vehicles and campers. Our services help victims of abuse, single parents, students, divorced, medical crisis and victims of catostrophic disaster.
Everyone needs a vehicle, can't get to work without one, can't get to church, can't get to school, and can't get home from somewhere else. Help eliviate the stress of today's complicated world for someone in need. We work with the National Battered Womens Association, National Toxic Mold Coalition, The Charity Place, and Single Parents of America, Adopt a Family of Natural Disaster and Crisis Program.  Together we can make a difference!

HELPING OTHERS IS WHAT WE ARE ABOUT! Contact us to learn how to consign with us. You keep the car at your place. We simply show it like realtors do when sharing property info. If we sell it for you we get a commission.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at: