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It's time that someone cared about your dental health in Springfield, Mo.
This is from a long time friend in another state  who is working in Missouri. His comments prompted this Dental Fund.
 Bob: Your a true Missourian now working in this state off and on for years." Bill: "Nope, I still have my teeth."  How embarrassing, this is how we are known in Missouri, whether or not we have teeth.
It is true,  Missouri has become a state of Toothlessness. Only those with the ability to pay get help or only a few get help that can't pay. Something must be done.
Ask any good horseman, and he will tell you the way to tell if a horse is sick by his teeth. So turn your head and don't look at your neighbor who is suffering needlessly from dental disease.
Last week another friend drank two beers and pulled his own tooth. Many in Missouri are taking this option when there is no other.
The Doctors and Dentist all know dental disease leads to heart disease. Who cares you ask?
Join us today and help someone get the dental care they need in Springfield, Mo.


You can donate online here.

Don't let Missouri be known as the Toothless State.

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