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Itinerary Page


Itinerary Page
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On this page, we'll give an overview of our trip's itinerary or a general description of the places we went. Then we'll include a list of links to other pages where we describe each destination in detail.

We may also use this page to talk about how we planned our trip, such as whether we used a travel agent and the type of research we did in advance.

A sailboat; Size=240 pixels wide

Here we'll describe this picture, including where and when it was taken and why we feel it represents our trip.

If our trip really did involve a single location, we may not need an itinerary page. Instead, we'll describe all our experiences on one destination page.

Places We Went

Here I'll include a list of links to the pages where we describe our experiences at different locations. I might also include information about the current weather at our vacation spot.

If a travel agent or charter company helped with our trip, we might include the name and address or a web site link here. We might also use this space to acknowledge anyone who gave especially good service or advice while we were planning our trip.