JACOB MINISTRY, A Messianic Help Organization


Teacher w/pre-school students

You can help to, see how below to become a Sponsor by giving a gift. Contact us if you have a need and we will try to help.

JACOB MINISTRY WAS FORMED IN 2004, to address the needs of Messianic Jews at home and friends abroad. The ministry is directed toward families in need, low income families, single parent families, and families in crisis or disaster. You can become a sponsor by giving a gift to one of the categories below. If you would like to send in clothing  or gift cards you can mail them to Jacob Ministry, 1117 E. Cherokee, Springfield, Mo. You will recieve a confirmation letter and how your gift was given to those in need.
Most of our volunteer  work is year round under THE DAUGHTERS OF ZION ORG., visiting families, elderly, children of neglect and abuse, & collecting donated items and dispersing the same, locating housing, giving out food items and clothing.
Our gift and sponsorship  needs are as follows if you would like to give:
Gift Cards
Clothing or clothing Fund
Toy or Chanukka Fund
Children's books Fund
School supplies Fund
Furniture Fund
Appliances Fund
Dental fund
Legal Fund
Medical Fund
Prescription Fund for Elderly
Eye glass Fund
Dehydrated Foods and Storm Suppy kits
First Aid Supply Fund
Diapers and infant need Fund
Food Bank Fund or gift certificates
We do not discriminate against anyone in need!
Any of these items are in fund category and you can sponsor online here at the sight below for PayPal. Please specify which category you want you sponsorship to go to. You will be added automatically to the Founder list after you sponsor a gift. If you have items you would like to mail in snail to our Warehouse, mail at: Jacob Ministry, 1117 E. Cherokee, Springfield, Mo. 65807 To view sponsors click on the link at the top of page: SPONSORS

Please specify which fund your want your donation to got to.

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