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Our Center for Justice links litigants with Attorneys in Civil Rights cases, Unfair Housing Practice and Discrimination cases. We welcome new clients, and attorneys who work Pro Bono, or take reduced fees. We have begun a new Legal co-operative for low income families in the Ozarks. You must qualify for based on income or lack of.

We are handling the following cases:
Bower et al vs. Wooten Co. LLC, Greene County, Mo. Case no. 1131-CV03074 Breach of Contract, retaliation for damages.
Lane et al. vs. Housing Authority of Springfield, Mo. U.S. District Court, Case no: 6:11-CV-03078 (2011)
fraud and retaliation for damages.
Lane et al vs. Wooten Co. LLC et al, Case no. 11-3093-CV-W-RED Unfair Housing Practice and Retaliation for damages.
Bower vs. JSO Properties, Josh Olson et al, Greene County Mo. Case no: 1031-CV16330 (2011) retaliation for damages, breach of contract
BOWER ET AL vs. Wooten LLC, year 2000, Case no. 31300SC4871 Greene County, Springfield, Mo. Retaliation and damages. Dimissed and Settled by Wooten damages in the amount of $1,500 to Plaintiffs.


The Institute offers the following services and workshops:
Legal typing, court case research, deed-title search,
treasury search, private investigations- civil and criminal, adoptive parent searches, treasury searches, document delivery, legal process service, witness location service, interview of expert witnesses for court cases. Investigative instructor for Private Investigators for Civil and Criminal and in house investigators. Court room Ethics and Etiquette. Legal Referrals, and documenting files.


Join THE FIRM and be a LEGAL BEAGLE or join into our Legal Defense Fund Co-operative.

Our Institute workshops train individuals as Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, Private Investigators, Court Appointed Investigators, with workshops in Investigative skills, Insurance Claim investigations, secret shoppers. Individuals  needed to work for Courts and Law Firms. We train persons in  court related positions as court clerks. We train process servers, and temporary service individuals for courts and law firms. We also have travelers to other courts and firms across the country. You can join our association and attend meetings or just sign up for workshops through our institute and Carroll College affiliate.
Ozarks legal temps provides temporary service for attorneys in the Springfield/Branson areas on a tempory basis. We offer short term or long term temporaries for your Law Office. Have a secretary out sick? Need a fill-in? Have a case load that needs a paralegals attention, or an attorney to review a  case before trial? How about an investigator for either civil or criminal cases.
We offer top of the line employees with varied experience in the legal field. Does you court need a fill-in secretary or a secretary/repceptionist  for the Judge while his is away.
There's never been a temp service like it in the Ozarks.  We offer 20 years experience, professional attitudes, and courteous service.
Call us today if you have a need for a temporary in your legal office or court system in the Ozarks. You can be sure you have the best with THE FIRM JUSTICE CENTER AND LEGAL INSTITUTE.
Now interviewing for our co-operative pool: attorneys, private investigators, fraud investigators, claims investigators, paralegals (civil and criminal) and legal secretaries.


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Don't let legal disputes bog you down, get the help you need.

contact us for course times and places, and for an application for enrollment. Equal opportunity and income based tuition.



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