Never miss or be late for an appointment or event again! Don't miss an anniversarie or birthday!

Online email reminder service. Local service by email or phone call. Just fill out the form below with your appointment or monthly calendar dates you want  to be reminded of. One reminder is $5.  Monthly reminders service is $20. We remind people of appointments,meetings,  events, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, you name it! Individuals and Companies, Doctors, Lawyers, Elderly, Students, and anyone who needs reminding can utiilize our service.!! Don't delay sign up today!  We reach around the globe by internet to remind you! Seniors and Disabled we offer discounts! Can't remember important things, let us help! We will remind you!
Simply fill out the form below with the date you need reminding of. If it is monthly reminders send us your calendar dates for the month with the reminder dates "underlined."
Pay below at paypal. One reminder is $5 and monthly service is $20.  Discounts to Disabled individuals at $15 monthly for reminder service. Just need someone to check on you, we do that to!

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Call reminder service available for cingular cell phone service  holders. We leave a reminder voice mail. Be sure to include your phone number with service request.
We will be adding other cell phone service companies soon!
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