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SPONSOR A SCHOOL CHILD was born from an idea after 911 , The Tzunami, and Hurricane Katrina. One of the first
needs was to get children back to school, calmed down, secured, in a learning environment that would allow them to
find escape from the trauma they had endured. Expounding on the idea we desided to help children in need throughout the year with school supplies and school clothing needs. We
also knew that there are families everyday, in everywalk of
life,  that face daily disaster and trauma, such as loss of a family member or loss of a job for family support. We extended our idea to include all children in need. Our dedication for this program is in memory of  MOTHER THERESA of CALCUTTA
and PRINCESS DIANA. We don't have to tell you how much both of these outstanding women did for children in need. Many of the children we are presently helping are Hurricane Katrina survivors.
You can donate in several ways:
It's simple just donate below and we send you confirmation by email.  When your school child is adopted by your donation we confirm reciept of your gift to them. Simply click on paypal to donate.
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Below you can contact us or fill out a form to become a Adopt a School Child Sponsor. You may request more information or place comments and ideas.
If your a child or a parent of a child in need you can fill out the form with a request to be adopted.(sponsored)  Donations can be made for school clothing or school supplies, school lunch fund or counseling. You specify which dept. you want your funds to enter.
* Dislaimer: The term Adopt as we use it does not represent us in any form as an adoption agency. The term as we use it is simply sponsorship. For Adopting a child you must contact a licensed adoption agency or a state agency in the state you are requesting legal adoption proceedings.

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Sponsoring a child is a win, win situation!



Please get in touch to offer comments.

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