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Oz Productions and Co. a film company, is  now holding casting call for STOP The Bullying,  a documentary film about teenage girls and boys and bullying in public school. This film is focused on the shameful record  of "iMPLIED NOT FAULT POLICY" which Suspends the Victim and the Bully violating civil rights to Self-Defense for victims.  The school board policy of Springfield R-12 School District in Missouri which has a record of this action is the center for the production. Teachers and students who would like to be cast in this production contact the email below or at this website: Oz Productions and Co.


My daughter Gabrielle 14 years old, beaten unconcious by Springfield R-12 School District students, in Springfield, Mo. One of five head injuries this child received from students during her years in this district. See story below.

My hearfelt sympathy goes out to the Meier Family who lost Megan this week from Myspace cyberbullying and I am dedicating the books in the works as follows:
New Book in the works: MYSPACE?YOUR SPACE? Dedication to Megan Meier, who committed suicide after being cyberbullied this week of Nov. 16th, 2007 at the ripe old age of 13 in Missouri.
see the story here.Mom: Web hoax led girl to kill herself

By BETSY TAYLOR, Associated Press Writer Sat Nov 17, 5:46 AM ET

DARDENNE PRAIRIE, Mo. - Megan Meier thought she had made a new friend in cyberspace when a cute teenage boy named Josh contacted her on MySpace and began exchanging messages with her.

Megan, a 13-year-old who suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder, corresponded with Josh for more than a month before he abruptly ended their friendship, telling her he had heard she was cruel.

The next day Megan committed suicide. Her family learned later that Josh never actually existed; he was created by members of a neighborhood family that included a former friend of Megan's.

Now Megan's parents hope the people who made the fraudulent profile on the social networking Web site will be prosecuted, and they are seeking legal changes to safeguard children on the Internet.

The girl's mother, Tina Meier, said she doesn't think anyone involved intended for her daughter to kill herself.

"But when adults are involved and continue to screw with a 13-year-old, with or without mental problems, it is absolutely vile," she told the Suburban Journals of Greater St. Louis, which first reported on the case.

Tina Meier said law enforcement officials told her the case did not fit into any law. But sheriff's officials have not closed the case and pledged to consider new evidence if it emerges.

Megan Meier hanged herself in her bedroom on Oct. 16, 2006, and died the next day. She was described as a "bubbly, goofy" girl who loved spending time with her friends, watching movies and fishing with her dad.

Megan had been on medication, but had been upbeat before her death, her mother said, after striking up a relationship on MySpace with Josh Evans about six weeks before her death.

Josh told her he was born in Florida and had recently moved to the nearby community of O'Fallon. He said he was homeschooled, and didn't yet have a phone number in the area to give her.

Megan's parents said she received a message from him on Oct. 15 of last year, essentially saying he didn't want to be her friend anymore, that he had heard she wasn't nice to her friends.

The next day, as Megan's mother headed out the door to take another daughter to the orthodontist, she knew Megan was upset about Internet messages. She asked Megan to log off. Users on MySpace must be at least 14, though Megan was not when she opened her account. A MySpace spokeswoman did not return calls seeking comment.

Someone using Josh's account was sending cruel messages. Then, Megan called her mother, saying electronic bulletins were being posted about her, saying things like, "Megan Meier is a slut. Megan Meier is fat."

Megan's mother, who monitored her daughter's online communications, returned home and said she was shocked at the vulgar language her own daughter was sending. She told her daughter how upset she was about it.

Megan ran upstairs, and her father, Ron, tried to tell her everything would be fine. About 20 minutes later, she was found in her bedroom. She died the next day.

Her father said he found a message the next day from Josh, which he said law enforcement authorities have not been able to retrieve. It told the girl she was a bad person and the world would be better without her, he has said.

Another parent, who learned of the MySpace account from her own daughter who had access to the Josh profile, told Megan's parents about the hoax in a counselor's office about six weeks after Megan died. That's when they learned Josh was imaginary, they said.

The woman who created the fake profile has not been charged with a crime. She allegedly told the St. Charles County Sheriff's Department she created Josh's profile because she wanted to gain Megan's confidence to know what Megan was saying about her own child online.

The mother from down the street told police that she, her daughter and another person all typed and monitored the communication between the fictitious boy and Megan.

A person who answered the door at the family's house told an Associated Press reporter on Friday afternoon that they had been advised not to comment.

Megan's parents had been storing a foosball table for the family that created the MySpace character. Six weeks after Megan's death, they learned the other family had created the profile and responded by destroying the foosball table, dumping it on the neighbors' driveway and encouraging them to move away.

Megan's parents are now separated and plan to divorce.

Aldermen in Dardenne Prairie, a community of about 7,000 residents about 35 miles from St. Louis, have proposed a new ordinance related to child endangerment and Internet harassment. It could come before city leaders on Wednesday.

"Is this enough?" Mayor Pam Fogarty said Friday. "No, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it's something, and you have to start somewhere.

Gabrielle -age 16, beaten by School Bullies

Police Pictures taken coming into E.R. after being beaten unconcious by 3 Springfield students

Bruising on face and nose bleed


Police measuing the 3 inch laceration

Nose bleeding and bit through lip

more pictures with neck brace in E.R.

"You failed my child Springfield, Mo. R-12 School District, and you cost her education!!!"
The above picture is of my daughter Gabrielle age 16 who was brutally beaten by three girls while two highschool boys held the bathroom door closed.  The girls came out of the bathroom stalls and attacked her, first slamming her into the wall between the bathroom mirror and rendering her to the ground  The one girl sat on her back and penned her arms down with her knees and proceeded to slam her face into the cement floor over and over, while the other girls kicked my daughter and screamed profanities at her. She tried to crawl to the door to escaped but two boys held the door closed so she could not get away! I never could understand, we moved her e not knowing that we would be outsiders., for goodness sakes this is AMERICA isn't it?  My daughters are beautiful. I couldn't understand the girls hatred of them. Now I know it was jealousy. My daughters haven't understood and this one became suicidal at different times, and hid under her bed unwilling to come out.
She finally had to drop out of school. On another occassion a girl pulled a machete on her at the video rental store parking lot.  This time my daughter beat her instead.  I couldn't believe it when the police officer wrote a false report to reflect my daughter at fault just because she won this time.  I should have known the school had been writing reports over and over and committing purjury.
I filed suit for several million dollars. I tied to find an attorney, but no one would go against the district. Being a Criminal Paralegal I decided to represent myself. I knew that I could not represent my children but felt that the court would appoint them an attorney. Instead they dismissed the children's portion of the suit and left in tact my part for Civil rights violations, and
Defamation, Libel and slander, wherein certain school officials had written defaming, slanderous and libel remarks about me personally IN MY CHILDREN'S SCHOOL RECORDS!  The suit is pending in Federal Appeal Court in St. Lousi where it has been on appeal for over a year.  The district has made no effort to settle this. I assume I will have to go to the SUPREME COURT.
In the appeal file in Federal District  Court in St. Louis, Mo., the school responed in court filing and  wrote quote, "They ( the district )  are not liable to protect any child in thier school district . " Can you believe this?  I then wrote a response, "So if hypothetically there was a school shooting, the teachers would leave the children to fend for themselves? No response from District.
A year or so ago they kicked over 1000 children off the school bus and kindergarten children and elementary children  were having to cross an interstate highway, some alone. I warned children would be hit. I was right and several were. The most recent being Carley Tiger and Tommy Stephenson, two little girls who now suffer sever head injuries.
After my daughters assualt that rendered her unconcious and caused her headaches, loss of vision for a month, memory loss, and now a bad temper and irratic behavior when she becomes upset. My daughter too, is no doubt suffering the effects of a head injury.  My daughter wanted to be a Choreographer, now she can't remember the dance steps. She has lost her highschool education, dropping out as her grades began to fail.  During the course of 2nd grade to highschool these are the things pepetrated on my child(ren) by other students:
Name calling( BOTH DAUGHTERS): slut and whore, while they are virgins.
Writing notes to others: saying my daughter threatened them when she didn't even know them
Throwing my daughter's  $183.00 eyeglasses on top of the Jarrett Middle School
Throwing my daughters  nike tennis shoes on top of the high wire at Jarrett Middle School were they remained for a year.
Stealing her school books and costing us $150 in fines.
Stealing her clothes from the locker room
Stealing her Purse several times.
Stealing her coats and Jackets
Throwing her face first into a metal volleyball pole
Slamming her head into the cafeteria wall (over and over) no
adult present!
Surrounding my daughter and threatening her in the Locker room at Jarrett ( no adult present , as usual)
Throwing a volleyball into the back of her head.
Cheerleaders pulling thier pants down and mooning cars passing by in the back seat of a limosine on a field trip.
Beating her up for telling on  girls who  skipped school and went off walking to a restaurant.
Beating her for (another) girl  telling  adults that  certain girls had hidden alcohol in water bottles and were underage drinking.
Beating her and leaving her stranded in another town on prom night,  when the other grils were drunk and using drugs at a trailer park party.  My daughter didn't get home until 8:00 the next morning, didn't even know where she was taken.
Writing my daughters name on bathroom walls at school and calling her B---tch.
Writing bomb threat letters to my other daughter at Jarrett, if she talks!
The Principal telling the perpetrators parents that we are filing suit, causing more harm to my daughters.
Friends of the assailants writing false police reports and school reports regarding what "really" happened.
Writing  a note on the bus, I am going to kill  ______my other daughter's name.
Tripping my younger daughter on the stairwell and book checking her. Forcing her books out of her hands.
Tripping my younger daughter in the classroom and causing her to have to go to ER with an ice pack on her arm and an injury to her head where she hit a metal desk.
Knocking a whole classroom library shelf over on my daughters arm.
Isolating my daughters on field trips and in cafeteria, playground and gym classes. Pushing her down in the cafeteria, while everyone laughs.
Surrounding my younger daughter in the gym, slapping her in the head, while the coach did nothing.  All the students screaming "kick her butt" She leaves crying.
Pushing my daughter into the lockers in the locker room. Coach nowhere to be found, as usual! 
Throwing mud on my daughter's clothes while she was wearing them.
Calling my daughters' lesbians, and poking my daughters breasts, saying they are fake.
Pulling my daughter's diabled friend's pants down to her knees in front of the whole class.
Slamming my daughter's face into a concrete floor in a bathroom over 12 times, kicking her in the head and stomach.
Causing her to lose conciousness, and suffer a concussion, with loss of vision in her eye for a month, headaches.
Boys Holding the bathroom door closed so she could not escape her assailees. Her having to crawl trying to escape.
A boy holding my daughter against the wall choking her in the gymnasium calling her a "dirty jew."
A girl calling her to a public place and pulling a machete on her and holding it at her throat, threatening to kill her.
Girls calling and leaving death threats on our cell phone. (these girls were cheerleaders.)
Girls sending strange men to our address to ask for "NIKKI" from the internet. There was no "NIKKi."
V-Principal telling her she left her friend to be beaten to death, during a fight at Parkview, when there were 5 against one.
Suspending her everytime someone else assualts her as the victim.
Denying her a school transfer out of the school of assualt, time and again.
School Billing her for fundraiser products that weren't missing, for 75 dollars at Jarrett, because I made her quit cheerleading. Then continuing to bill her for same on into highschool so she can't enroll.
Calling the Highschool and slandering her from one school office to next before she starts highschool. Intercepted by a student office worker who heard "it all!" and told us.
Denying her the right to talk to me on the phone right after she was assualted ( Freedom of speech violation)
Denying her the right to attend highschool orientation because she was wrongfully suspended. then allowing her to attend but ostracizing her by making her sit away from her school.
Writing false suspension reports to reflect Gabrielle started the assualts.
Principals filing false reports to District about what I said regarding bullying in other areas.
These are true and correct statements and are part of court record
The girls who assualted her  got off scott free, as thier father's homeowners policy hired a high priced local attorney to fight us, and they claimed self-defense.  I couldn't believe it. Then again this is the same school district that has principals sitting in air conditioning while the rest of the school is at times over 90 degrees during the warmer months.  American Family Insurance "shame on you" for protecting the quilty! Shame on you, John Kizer, Attorney at Law.  "Shame on you Springfield, for not having an attorney willing to fight for a child!"  God Bless you, those in Springfield, who say "never again!, No more!" "Not my child!"
The defamation, slander and libel that is still intact is due to the
bullying done to me as a parent by the district officials, thier insistance that I am not of Royal lineage although I have my pedigrees on file with the court. In otherwords, they just don't care...not even about the kids in thier care.  The kids I interviewed will tell you themselves. Supposedely the bond issues we have over and over, are to bring money to the district. Somehow until I filed suit in Federal Court thier were rarely monies spent on district improvements. Now they even post "NO Bullying signs!", but they will never tell it is because of me and my lawsuit. So here I am, telling you myself.
Case no. 05-3221-FP-S-GAF, Federal District Court, Western District of Missouri  Now on appeal below:
Case no. 06-3876, Federal Appeals Court, St. Louis
STOP: Stop the bullying in our Schools!  Goals of our organization and Parent Organization CSI:
1. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE; Open to all Parents of school age children in Springfield Missouri Public Schools. Other drives for surrounding Counties.
2. ELECT BOARD OF DIRECTORS; to oversee and investigate
all filed complaints of Assualts and Bullying filed by concerned
3. Taking Phone Calls and Complaints by mail. Keeping a Data Bank of all offenses and reporting to U.S. DEPT OF EDUCATION, U.S. JUSTICE DEPT.
4. MONTHLY MEETINGS AND NEWSLETTER;  Guest Speakers from around the Country who are Professionals in
Assualt and Bullying Cases
5. Parent Workshops to inform them of thier rights, train them in reporting, detection, and intervention.
6. Child Workshops in proper school Behavior, fun activities for
victims of Bullying, and Self Defense classes offered by
7. Legal Referrals/Legal Representation for Parents and
Children of bullying, with  information on Parental Rights, and
Constitutional Amendments affecting School age children.
8. Public Speakers for Public and Private Schools, Statistical Reports for School Access regarding Bullying and Proper
legal Proceedures.
9. Community Commission for lobby legislation regarding State and Community laws in dealing with curfew and ticketing (fines ) for violations against peers.
The latest is that the same principal is now head of a anit-bullying and security program, yes, she is, believe that! The other principal is now head of racial relations, and the other Principal now a college professor. They all have been changed into different position within and without the district. How convenient.
The district is now being sued by the children victims who were hit by moving vehicles because of no cross walk security.
My case is still pending in St. Louis Appeals Court. i am making a documentary called STOP, and started the STOP BULLYING PROGRAM.  My Daughter has lost her education and has not returned to school.  She is no longer a minor.
Not where's the beef, where's the money??? Look no further..
and you will see why things got so out of hand at this district.
Mary Carroll-Bower, President

Quote from Springfield R-12 School District Appellee brief in response to Appeal by Mary Bower.  " the distict is under no substantive liability to protect any student in thier District from harm."

Gabrielle- age 18

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