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WeBidtize, a new way to get more money for your company,  at a sight linked worldwide through the web.  We auction off advertizement links to your website for 3 months advertising to the highest bidder.
Available now: Taking bids on  website links to the highest bidders.  There are (50 link spaces presently available, in each state and 45 additional spaces available nationwide) Our sight is regularly sent to search engines and monthly updated.  We have a page counter so you can view how many hits we get. We also have an automatic forward for you to send to our advertising sight to your friends.  Each ad runs for three months for your winning bid.
At the end of the 3 months you can opt to bid again or wait until you see open bidding on website links.
All bids must start at $25.  You must mail in your payment within 10 days in order to have your website link attached to ours.   If we don't recieve your bid payment within 10 days by check or money order.  Your bid will be canceled and go to the next highest bidder on the list of winners.
Fill out the form below to give us your link and bid offer.  Be sure and include return email address so we can inform you if you get the highest bid.
Mailing address for payment WeBidtize, 1117 E. Cherokee,
Springfield, Mo. 65807 Ck or money order only.

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