Beth Yeshua's Gathering (House of Yeshua's Gathering), is a new Messianic online Congregation. We believe that Yeshua is the Messiah (Ha Mashiac) and that he is coming to rescue those that love him! We are a Scriptural based congregation with study of prophecy and end time doctrine.

We love Yeshua, and loved to be loved by him. We see him as our Father, our Brother, Our Friend and our Love. We recognize that he is our hope and our salvation. In our meetings we study scripture, Torah, and Jerusalem New Testament, as well as end time prophecies and what it all means for Israel.
Yeshua is our Rock. He is our Foundation stone. The Torah declares,"Why has thou forgotten the rock that formed thee?"  We say, "Maranatha Yeshua, Ha Mashiac, We haven't forgotten thee!" "Forgot us not!"
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 or want to ask about a specific prophecy, write us. Contact us to request prayer. The Messianic Children's Day is comming soon in Branson, Mo. Bring the whole family for lots of fun and togetherness. We have now established JACOB MINISTRY, for help with Messianic Jews needs during crisis. Please contact us at the link below to help or you can sponsor by congregation or individual. The sponsorships are done by gift to any of the listed need funds.

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JACOB MINISTRY, a crisis organization for Messianic Jews.

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Yeshua (Joshua) our true love!

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