Our Royal Family Connections: Carroll-O'Carroll

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Genealogy of Mary Carroll-Bower

An extensive family genealogy

It all began when King Zedikiah of Israel was captured and his eyes put out, his sons were killed before him, and only his daughters were left to carry on the Israeli throne. Many did not know under Judaic law the female could inherit.  So the daughters of King Zedikiah, were taken by there Grandfather Jeremiah the Prophet, to Eygpt, Spain and on to Ireland.  The King of Spain was Gathelus Milead (Milesus). He died in Spain but sent his sons to Ireland wherein they were of the Pharez line of Judah, and they set there kingdom up in Ireland.  Both Eber and Herrmon ruled as King of Ireand simultaneously, until the fued between thier wives.  The wife of Echaid Herrmon was Tea Tephi the Israeli Princess.  She brought the Stone of Destiny with her to Ireland and therein the Kings were crowned upon it at Tara Hill.  For many years they lived by the Torah.  Diarmut Mac Chearbil (Carroll) was the last King crowned on the Stone of Destiny at Tara Hill.  He ruled until 558 BC.
His brother Fergus Mac Erc "borrowed" the stone of Destiny for his crowning as King of Scotland.  The stone was never returned and was taken by King
Edward I to England wherein it remained until 1996, exactly 700 years since it's theft. Now it rests in Edinburg Castle until the next Royal coronation. The stone schrieks or screams when the rightful heir is crowned upon it.
Our line goes like this:
King Heber the oldest brother
to King Fergus Chearbil (Carroll) King of Tara
to King Darmuit Mac Carroll
to Cian
to Prince Anthony O'Carroll of Lisheenboy
to Charles, James, John, Thomas, Michael O'Carroll to: James Henry Carroll
to Charles Carroll Immigrant                                            
  v                                                                                  Thomas King Carroll
to Charles Carroll the Settler
to Charles Carroll of Carrollton                                                   Anna E.
 Signor of                                                                                                 Carroll
Declaration   of                                                                 to Lemuel Carroll
 Independence                                                           to Sarah Eunice Carroll
                                                                     to Mary Carroll-Bower (Me)
                                          This line extents to Sir Robert King
                                           Sir Richard Grace
                                           to Rufus King
The line is relatd to English Royals several ways:  From Malroona O'Carroll to Bultlers, from Joan Carroll to Butlers, through the Carroll/Catons Butlers
through the Lord's Baltimore Calverts to Carroll's, from Marianne Carroll/Caton to Richard Wellesley, The Lady Graces.
Our line extents to these signors of Declaration of Independence:
Charles Carroll of Carrollton
John Hancock
Our line extents to these Presidents:  George Washington (Ball family)
Andrew Jackson, Jackson/King/Carroll's of Texas, Abraham Lincoln through the Carrol's to Todd family, and to the Gore family
other extentions: The Van Burens
the Lees of Texas to Gen. Robert E. Lee
The Carrolls to Gen. Scott
the Carrolls to Gen William Carroll of Tennesee
The Carrolls to Gen. Grant
the Carroll's to Gen. William Bronaugh
The Bowers to Bronaugh
and the Waylands to the Forbes to England Royal

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