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First Wives Club Membership

Welcome to our web site!
Based on the best selling movie "FIRST WIVES CLUB" Starring Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bett Midler. Our club is the club of all clubs, won't you join today!

The First Wives Club was established this year for all the women who were the "originals" &"first wives." The First Wives Club, has National meetings and
get togethers where we talk, learn and listen. We actually find ways to help other women like us, who have suffered the self esteem blows of divorce for other or younger women.  We spend time developing businesses and corporations geared toward women, for women and about women.
Once or twice a year we plan an all out bash for "first wives!"  It maybe somewhere fun, somewhere exotic, or a great spa vacation. It will be 2-4 days of meeting others like you, enjoying conversation, and telling secrets.
Can you imagine it, a real group of real women who understand what you have been through, survived it, better themselves and lived to tell!  There has never been a club like it, and probably never will again. Hurray and join the fun.

Memberships are on $100.00 per year.  It will be the best $100.00 you or your x has ever spent. Loads of fun, lots to do. This entitles you to all discounts and benefits, trip discounts, room discounts, for one full year as well as the monthly newsletter, get all the  details today about Joan and her
experience as a First Wife, or send in your story. Only members have access!
Send your membership today! Find out where our First Wives get together will be next!

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The First Wives Club.....
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