It is SICKO alright! Our Medical and Court nightmare!!!



Me, Lady Mary Carroll-Bower, contemplating it all. Still suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, multiple chemical sensitivity, and compromised immune. Disabled now...speaking out and seeking justice...

Media Information: Cause no. 100CC2364, Green County, Springfield, Mo. District Court
1.5 million suit. STATE FARM INSURANCE CARRIER. UpDate: Court has awarded summary judgement to Defendants!!! Can you believe this!!!! Apeal has been denied!!! What Corruption abounds!


Gabby age 18, 12 at the time. Still suffers health problems and memory loss, and behavior issues.  Mitral valve prolapse. Multiple chemical sensitivity, and compromised immune.


Ariel age 14, was 7 at the time, still suffers memory loss and personality problems. Mitral valve prolapse.

Update: We are still suffering side effects and I have a definative blood test that I have Stachybotrus in my blood. I wish someone would do a documentary on us. I am working on  a book called, OUR STORY:  THE GAS CHAMBER AND THE BLACK PLAGUE
From Nov. 5th, 1999 to Dec. 17th, 1999, four of us, two adults and two children, were exposed to lethal levels 1000+ppms of carbon-monoxide emissions and stachybotrus toxic mold , from a pre-existant hole in the draft divertor of heater and insulation covered in mold,  at an apartment we had just rented, in Springfield, Mo.  They sold the property within a few days of finding the hole. The property was covered with a million dollar policy by STATE FARM INSURANCE who ignores the claim. I ended up with MS, and all four of us have Mitral valve prolapses. We were mis-diagnosed by the local E.R.s for weeks saying we had the flu.  Then they slandered and defamed me thorughout my medical records in regards to my family lineage of Royalty. 
 The hole was pre-existant. It was also full of toxic mold in the closet and unit from water leakage from the attic above.  The week after we moved out, the ceiling fell from our floor to the apartment below from pipes bursting. Then the week before our move other pipes burst in the adjacent building. We told the judge about this, the defense attorney retorted, "It doesn't matter if the ceiling fell in. Of course the attorney's  family is in the Building business and rental business. He also told me that "No one cares!"

The children suffered seemingly endless, for over six weeks and then into months, and are still suffering long term problems. We were misdiagnosed by both local hospitals, never given oxygen. My MRI came back with high density scattered damage, (brain damage.) All four of us have mitral valve prolapses in our hearts. We can't regulate our body temperatures. Our noses bled profusely as well as our stomachs. We fell down constantly and bruised. We lost our cognitive and short term memories. We felt we had altzheimers or amnesia. My 10 year old became anoxeric, another battle to fight. We all became vitamin and mineral deficient. We lost our hair. My skin still sluffs off to clay in the shower. Hair still falls out. Our metabolism is shot. Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Daves lipids are at 2050, and should be 150 or less! My 9 year olds, cholestral is up too, as well as mine. We have pictures to prove our case, and file marked physical evidence. I now have to be tested for MS.
My now 13 year old, 10 at the time, isn't growing normally.

The Defendants are still fighting us in court. The best offer we recieved was $5,000 dollars total! Although there is a 1 million dollar policy in effect. One of the other owners is a doctor, affiliated with one of the hospitals that misdiagnosed us for weeks, saying flu, flu, flu, flu!!! The attorney said, "You should have taken the $5,000.00 when you had the chance!"Quote! We hired an expert witness from of Osha renown, who testified on video deposition that we were exposed to lethal levels of carbon-monoxide and toxic mold. My blood work coming back with Stachybotrus Chartaram antigens.  That is when I opened the National Toxic Mold Coalition and Foundations for victims of Toxic Mold.

The other owner of the apartments was chairman of the Board for the Utility Company. Our key witness, the man who found the hole for the utility company, is suddenly retired now. He took a fluke meter into the closet where the hole in the heater was and it sounded an alarm, reading at 1000+ppms of carbon-monoxide emissions.  Many witnesses were fired or relocated. All 12 Judges recused. We had a trial date it was rescheduled, the case was dismissed by an appointed Judge , the reinstated, set for trial twice more, now they win  summary judgement. We sought help from over 30 attorneys, and no one would take the case, for conflicts of interest. 

Our doctor admitted he wouldn't have wanted to be in that apartment with a hole in the heater, the insurance claim rep for State Farm Insurance in  said, Not him either, and even the utility company guy, said he wouldn't want to be in there with a hole in the heater. Still no decent offer for settlement. Most recently the Judge advises he will rule on summary judgment.
On August 27 the Judge entered a order granting summary judgment to the DEFENDANTS!!!! Mary Bower immediately filed a Certified Legal File and Notice of Appeal.  The appeal
WAS DENIED!!!!  Mary Bower is now in the process of fiiing a federal lawsuit on the hospitals for Medicaid discrimination, personal libel and slander and defamation against her.

BREACH OF IMPLIED WARRANTY OF HABITABILITY,  which basically states, that you can not rent to tenants a building that will endanger their health or life! If the decision is wrong, we will have no choice but to file a discrimination suit in Federal Court and Violation of our 7th amendment to a jury trial.

One internet sight says of Carbon-monoxide poisoning,"In terms of recovery it would be better to suffer a closed head injury rather than carbon-monoxide poisoning!"

Yet we the innocent victims recieve no compensation or help! Go Figure! I on the other hand I don't think God expects me to forgive the injuries to my children. There are some things God doesn't forgive either. That's why I am glad he's the Judge!
This is one for Michael Moore and "Sicko!"


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